Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vertical Gutter Garden!

I've been dreaming up this project for a few weeks and finally got it done!  In a few months, I should have a beautiful vertical lettuce patch!

You'll need:
Ywo 2 by 4's cut down to the height of your fence - mine were 5ft.  
I had them cut down at Loew's when I bought them.
A sharpie or pencil.
Four sections of old gutter cut to the same length - 5ft here.
Hammer and nails.
A few square feet of dried coconut planter liner and garden twine.
Long screws and a drill.

First, stand the 2x4 up next to the fence and mark where it will be screwed in to the fence board.
This way you can make sure not to nail a gutter into this area.

Lay the 2x4s parallel and layout the gutters as below.

You want to make sure the gutters are diagonal and each lines up with the next below. 
 The idea is that the water will flow down one to the other.  
Since the gutters don't have holes, this is create good drainage.

Nail the gutters into place - I used the side of the hammer to start because it was the only way it fit.

Once the nail is started, you can hold back the top of the gutter to make room for hammering.

Make sure those upper gutters are flowing into the bottom, like this...

Wrap the sharp edges with the coconut liner and twine.

Screw the whole thing into the fence with two long screws.

Voila!  Vertical Gutter Garden!

I'm waiting for my lettuce seeds to sprout - a few have come up!  Pretty soon, I'll have a vertical lettuce patch!  I plan to plant each gutter a week or two apart so that I can harvest in a rotation.

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